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Pixels Puzzles has revolutionized the way that artwork, home decor, and apparel are bought and sold around the world.   With a few clicks, artists and photographers can upload their images to, set their prices, and instantly sell print-on-demand products to a global audience of online buyers.   We advertise extensively online, on radio, and on TV in order to attract buyers and sellers to our online marketplace.   Here are some of our recent videos and TV commercials for your viewing pleasure.   Enjoy!

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Million of independent artists from all over the world sell their artwork on Fine Art America.   Shop for art you'll love!

TV Commercial - iPad App

Our iPad app is truly revolutionary.   Take a look at this video, and you'll see why.   A revolutionary app deserves a big-budget TV commercial to promote it.   20+ actors... six set locations... three days of shooting... this is our most elaborate TV commercial to date!

TV Commercial - Hand Drawn Animation

This is the second TV commercial that we ever produced.   It does a fantastic job of describing exactly how our business works... and the hand-drawn animations are incredible!

Painted Portraits

Transform your personal photos into originals work of art - digitally hand-painted with care by a master artist. No Photoshop filters. No simulated brush strokes. Each photo becomes a one-of-a-kind masterpiece signed by the artist.

Mail & Frame

Send us your posters, diplomas, team jerseys, kids drawings, and more... and we'll mail you back a museum-quality work of art. We'll mail you a pre-paid package to retrieve your item and then ship you back a framed masterpiece within 4 - 5 business days.

TV Commercial - Computer Animation

This is the first TV commercial that we ever produced... and still one of our all-time favorites!   It's simple, gets the point across, and has some really upbeat music.

TV Commercial - Picture Perfect

This is a funny TV commercial that introduces the concept of taking photos with your smartphone and turning them into works of art.

Radio - Howard Stern

The King of All Media discusses the King of All Online Art Sites.

Behind the Scenes Footage

This is behind-the-scenes footage of the multi-day video shoot for our iPad app TV commercial (see top of this page).

TV Commercial - Contest Winners

In June 2013, Pixels Puzzles launched an online art contest which was open to visual artists and photographers from all over the world. Five winners were selected to have their images appear in our next TV commercial. Here it is!